Cover Every Legal Angle When Drafting Buy-Sell Agreements

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Attempting to buy or sell a business comes with a complex list of questions, stipulations and legal issues. Before you sign away any documents, make sure you have a skilled business attorney review every detail. Hire Matthew C. Prasuhn, Attorney At Law for assistance drafting buy-sell agreements in the Edmond, OK area.

Attorney Prasuhn will make sure to virtually eliminate any areas of disagreement or potential litigation. He will also help with Schedule C documentation and procedures. Call 405-315-0263 today to retain a dedicated business attorney who will look out for your best interests in Edmond, OK.

Make arrangements for the future life of your business

Make arrangements for the future life of your business

Drafting buy-sell agreements is an extremely important step as you look ahead to the future of your company. A buy-sell agreement controls the following business decisions:

  • Who can buy a departing partner's or shareholder's portion of the business?
  • What events will trigger a buyout?
  • What price will be paid for a partner's or shareholder's share of the company?

As your business attorney, Matthew C. Prasuhn will operate within the best interests of the company to make the most effective decisions. Contact him today for a consultation on a buy-sell agreement in Edmond, OK.